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Tasks for July………

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Jobs for the month:

Harvest early potatoes.

Continue to pick sweet peas to prolong flowering.

Take cuttings from your favourite flowering shrubs.

Hoe regularly to discourage weeds.

Plant autumn-flowering bulbs.

Deadhead bedding plants.

Deadhead roses to encourage continuous flowering.

Propagate strawberries.

Lift onions after their foliage has yellowed.

Remove lower leaves on tomatoes.


Happy gardening,



April checklist…..

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April checklist…..

Well, I didn’t think I would be writing April’s checklist with several inches of snow outside the door!

This time last year the temperature was in the high teens.

So, weather permitting some poetic license with April’s list of jobs for the garden.

1) Tidy and re-shape lawn edges with half-moon.

2) Sow half hardy herbs such as coriander and basil on a windowsill.

3) Dig out perennial weeds before they self-seed.

4) Plant seed potatoes outside.

5) Plant perennials

6) Scarify lawns

7) Deadhead camellias

8) Prune winter heathers

9) Pinch out sweet pea tips

Happy gardening…………..Freddie

Tasks for the month of March……

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Sow early broad beans outside.

Plant herbacious perennials.

Prune shrubs and climbers to encourage new growth.

Deadhead winter and spring bedding.

Prune hardy fuchsias.

Cut back mophead hydrangeas.


And remember, March can be a month of snow and icey winds, followed by shirt sleeve sunny days. Most of all, enjoy your garden.



Spring Lawn Treatments

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We will be starting applications of our spring lawn treatment next week.

This excellent formula kills moss, perennial weeds, aids water retention in the root system through the summer months and will green up your lawn in as little as 7 days.

This winter has been particularly harsh on lawns, with the very damp and yet mild conditions being the perfect environment for moss to thrive.

For those of you who don’t already take advantage of our lawn treatment service, please get in touch for a no obligation competitive quote. Many of our clients have switched to Scovell and Sons from some of the more well known franchises for lawn treatment, with excellent results.

So for a weed and moss free lush green lawn this summer, contact us now.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Very best wishes


Tasks for February….

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February is the month that ushers in Spring.

Crocus, hellebores, snowdrops, primroses and this year the daffodils are already in full bloom…

In mild areas of the U.K., such as our own Surrey Hills, Broad Beans can be sown directly into the soil in February. February is also a good month for planting bare-root shrubs and trees.

Sow sweet peas in pots indoors, chitt early potatoes,

In your polytunnel start sowing early carrots, leeks and cabbages.

Whilst we can have a mild February, it is a month that can turn on a sixpence and in no time we can be under a foot of snow, so be wary….


Enjoy your garden.



Jobs for January

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Indicative of the mild year we had last year.

Some jobs to be getting on within your garden this month….

Remove old leaves off hellebores.
Winter prune wisteria.
Deadhead winter pansies.
Winter prune fig trees.
Mulch beds in mild spells.

Happy gardening


December checklist

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Jobs for this month…..

Clear and compost fallen leaves regularly to protect your lawn.

Store hosepipes indoors.

Clean tools before storing.

Pick cut-and-come-again salad leaves.

Water pelargoniums sparingly to keep the compost moist.

Leave cacti DRY until spring.

Prune apple and pear trees.

Plant garlic cloves.

Any questions, just get in touch via the ‘contact’ page.


Happy gardening.



November tasks

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One of the unexpected gifts that November brings is the best of the autumn colour.

It is important to over winter your dahlias as a sharp frost can kill them completely. Lift them and put them in a dark, dry shed. Before putting them away, cut them back.

Make sure you clear fallen leaves from your lawn frequently. If left, they will kill the grass underneath and moss will flourish.

Prune back your climbing roses. Cut back thin growth to the base and prune thick, strong growth by two thirds to an outward facing bud.

November is a good time to sow spring harvesting broad beans and peas whilst the soil is still mild.

Prune back blackcurrants and tify your strawberry plants.

Happy gardening


Pruning tips….

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Remove broken branches and stems, prevent rubbing stems, don’t cut too far from a bud, avoid blunt instruments, remove any stems that compete, avoid damage to buds, cut out any signs of disease, avoid cutting flowering wood, choose the rights tools and prune every year!

If you are unsure, or anxious about pruning, get in touch and we can send in our expert team!

Happy gardening.