Jobs for September…..

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Plant autumn onion sets.
After pruning, tie in summer fruiting raspberry canes.
Cut out old stems of rambling roses.
Cut down spent perennial flowers.
Clear out tomatoes by bringing in green ones to ripen indoors.

These, of course, are just a few of the tasks for September. Why not get in touch via our contacts page and see what our team of dedicated gardeners can do for you.

Happy gardening, Freddie

February checklist….

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Things to do in your garden in February…..

Plant polyanthus.

Tidy up begonias.

Divide and re-plant snowdrops while they are STILL in leaf.

Plant bare-root trees and shrubs.

Prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering.

The ideal month for planting a new young fruit tree.

Prune AUTUMN flowering raspberries. (These produce their berries on canes that have grown in the same year). This is as opposed to Summer fruiting whose berries are produced on last year’s growth.

All the best


January checklist

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Jobs for your garden this month……….

Deadhead winter pansies to keep them flowering.

Prune wisteria, shortening side shoots to about 5cm.

Cut stems of late flowering clematis to close to soil level.

Mulch gunnera, ideally with straw to prevent frost damage.

Tidy up sedum plants by cutting dead stems to just above soil level, taking care not to damage new shoots.

Plant snowdrops by buying pot-grown bulbs.

Fork out perennial weeds.

And don’t forget to wish for some dry weather….the ground is saturated! And if anyone mentions hosepipe bans……….

Will be back soon with tips on propagation……the sowing season is almost here!

Happy gardening……….Freddie.

October checklist

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Here is a checklist for those autumnal jobs……….

Cover ponds with netting to keep out autumn leaves.

Bring ceramic pots under cover to protect from frosts.

Keep fleece handy to protect tender plants from frosts.

Sow under glass sweet peas in deep pots.

Plant autumn onion sets.

Sow hardy broad beans.

Prune roses that aren’t displaying hips.

Lift and divide congested clumps of perennials.

Happy gardening………..